Suzanne Bruch is the creator and owner of some of the largest travel accounts on Instagram (@Wonderful_Places & @Beaches_N_Resorts) with over 10 Million total followers. She and her husband Isaac are avid travelers who love exploring the world: traveling to new places, experiencing different cultures, visiting old friends, meeting new people, and trying different kinds of food. As photography enthusiasts, @Wonderful_Places was started to share the journeys and spirit of these trips and adventures.

U.S. based now, Suzanne was born and raised in Indonesia, a tropical country with remarkable natural beauty, consisting of 15,000+ islands. Isaac works in technology and when not working, loves being outdoors in wide open spaces. Together they have visited over 30 countries, all 50 states, and 5 continents and there is still an endless list of places that they want to visit!

As much as they enjoy traveling the world, they also love being at home with their two dogs in the mountains outside Las Vegas.