Arosa – Switzerland

Arosa – Switzerland

Switzerland has always had a very special place in my heart. As much as I enjoy being on a tropical island, there is something magical being in the beautiful mountains in winter time.

I have been to Switzerland 3 times. I am very lucky to have one of my good friends living in Zurich that I am able to visit. On my last trip there back in December 2013, I was invited to spend a few nights at their beautiful cabin in an amazing mountainous area called Arosa.

Arosa is such a beautiful place, it is well known for its ski resort.
We had a chance to explore these beautiful mountains with a horse sleigh. Though the weather was cold, the view and experience were totally worth it!
Winter is so magical there. The Alps Mountains are just so breathtaking, every where you see is the amazing snowy landscape that words just can't describe.
The summer is beautiful too. Hiking in the mountains & swimming in alpine lakes.

Such a Wonderful Place!
Photos courtesy of Mike McGee


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